Lydd Club Day

Lydd Club Day is the annual local carnival held on the Rype in Lydd. It is one the largest on Romney Marsh, held on the third Saturday of June. Please see the What's On calendar for the next Lydd Club Day.

It was established in 1868 by local Friendly Societies. They dressed up, holding their banners they formed a procession arounf the town led by the Lydd Town Band.

Apart from a brief cessation during the war years, it has taken place annually ever since. The day features a funfair, boot fair in the morning, stalls and children's dressing up in the afternoon and floats in the evening. The evening ends with a firework display and the lit up funfair, as well as the annual crowning of the Queen Elect.

On the Friday evening before Lydd Club Day, there is a long-standing tradition of "Test Night" when the funfair opens, at reduced prices for the evening. In recent years, "Pirate Friday" has begun. Most Lydd residents have no real understanding of what this event is supposed to entail, other than Lydd's pub frequenters dressing in pirate outfits.

The event was created in 2006 by local residents Jason James, David Usher and Ian Parrot and friends in the Royal Mail. Pirate Friday is now an annual event which has proved so popular it has been adopted by every pub in Lydd. Since 2011, there has been an entrant in the evening parade from residents who have participated in Pirate Friday.

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Photo Gallery - Scenes from Lydd Club Day 2018 
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Lydd Club Day 2018