Hope All Saints

Hope Church of All Saints, a Scheduled Monument, was built in c1150 of Caen stone in the former parish of Hope on the outskirts of New Romney. The Hope Church of All Saints fell into decay in the 17th century.

During the 19th century, the ruins were a favourite meeting place for smugglers

In February 2017 the IMOS Foundation, a local charity, undertook the care of the abandoned church ruin and its three-acre site, with plans to create a unique Sculpture and Heritage Park on the site.

The remains of Hope All Saints Church
The remains of Hope All Saints Church

Hope All Saints
Hope All Saints Today

During the subsequent months the moat was cleared of weeds and four bridges, one including artwork, were erected to improve access to the church and work has continued ever since.

More than two hundred trees have been planted including an avenue along the Old Saxon Road and an orchard of varied fruit trees as well as six varieties of willow that can be used for living sculpture, basket making and for providing a windbreak. New benches have been sited for those quietly visiting what is still consecrated ground.

Inspired by the ancient name of HOPE village, the idea evolved to work with its natural optimism and to use with that mood the widest possible meaning of the word ALL in All Saints. Accordingly, sculptures of saints of every kind are invited for this inclusive and original project.

Those who have benefitted humanity in art, science, philosophy medicine, agriculture or in any other way no matter what their religion, race or country of origin will be considered for the collection as also traditional saints with local relevance.

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Hope All Saints St George & The Dragon
St George and The Dragon

Already in place are sculptures of Jeanne d’Arc, St Catherine and the Wheel, a replica of the original Sanctus Bell in clay, an antique iron crucifix, an image called the Fisherman of Golgotha and the whole is viewed by the faintly sceptical Agnostic. Works include St George and the Dragon, St Andrew of Scotland, St Agnes, St Gobnait, Patron Saint of Bees, a Quaker Light Sculpture and two figures of the Happy Human of Humanists UK in different metalwork techniques. 

In December 2020 statues resembling Mozart and Beethoven were installed to mark what would have been Beethoven's 250th birthday. The new statues of the two composers stand at 8ft tall, weigh 170 and 140 kilos respectively, and were made from ash wood in Estonia by artist Juri Vavulin, before being transported to Kent. It is hoped sculptures of Nelson Mandela and Albert Einstein will soon join the collection.

The Park also has a small collection of animals, including donkeys, goats and geese, which have proved to be a great attraction for the children.

Hope All Saints Beethoven and Mozart
Beethoven and Mozart


The Sculpture and Heritage Park is located  on the Ashford Road between New Romney and Ivychurch at:

Hope All Saints
Ashford Road
New Romney 
Romney Marsh
Kent TN28 8TH

For further information please contact:

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Opening Hours

The Sculpture and Heritage Park is only open by appointment. You can book a guided tour by telephoning the IMOS Foundation Telepnon Icon 01797 363099

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