Martello Tower No.24 - Being a Volunteer Steward 

Can you spare about 3 hours about once a month on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday afternoon?

Do you have an interest in local history, Martello Towers and like meeting people?
Then find out about becoming a volunteer Steward at Martello Tower No.24 in Dymchurch with the Friends of Martello24.

The Friends of Martello24 are responsible to English Heritage for opening the Tower 2pm to 4pm every Saturday, Sunday and BH from April until the last Sunday in October. 

Typically, the duties of a volunteer Steward are:
    • On opening days, Stewards need to get to the tower by 1.40pm to allow time to get the tower ready and then allow 15mins to lock up.
      A duty is therefore from at least 1.40pm to 4.15pm.   
    • There are always two Stewards on duty with one of the Stewards being responsible for the keys, unlocking the building at the start of the duty,
      and locking up at the end of the duty.  
    • The Stewards get the tower ready for visitors.
    • One Steward to always be just inside the entrance by the stairs to meet and greet all visitors. This entails warning all visitors of the safety hazards in the tower, drawing visitors' attention to the Rules for the Public, and recording visitors' attendance. 
    • Stewards need to check all public areas of the tower at regular intervals to ensure all is OK and monitor the dampness on the floors. 
    • Stewards deal with visitor enquiries about the tower and local area
    • Maintain the Log Book and Diary
    • Check all is OK at the end of the duty before locking the tower.
Volunteer Stewards are given training before their first duty and are issued with a booklet with information about the tower and are expected to become knowledgable about the tower over time.

Find out more at Duties of Volunteer Stewards.

 If you would like  more information, please contact the Friends of Martello24 Secretary, Peter Telephone Icon 01797 366604  Email Icon email